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St. Louis Custom Vinyl Banners

Print Your St. Louis Custom Banner at Dale Sign
Dale Sign makes banners of all sizes, from small to extra-large, interior and exterior, and that range from a banner needed for a few hours at a party to a solid reinforced banner meant for longer-lasting exterior use. In Vinyl, cloth, and retractable material formats, our banners are created to catch attention!

  • Party & Office Banners
    Do you want to celebrate someone special? Do they have a big birthday coming up, or did they just graduate? Are they retiring or accomplishing a big milestone in life? Dale Sign can print a party banner for interior or exterior use, in any size, to help you announce to all party attendees just who and why they are celebrating. Make the next milestone in your loved one’s life stand out with a professionally printed banner!
  • Event Banners
    A lot of businesses attend events, such as conferences and trade shows, and need a professional look to accompany them. Dale Sign can provide everything you need to make your event look professional – including a tent cover for an indoor or outdoor event, table banners for indoor and outdoor use, stand-up banner signs and feather banshee banners. All of these items call attention to your conference, show, business, or product and give you the professional look you want. They also are durable, meaning you can use them over and over at multiple events and locations. Order these today for your upcoming trade show, conference or special event and customers will be able to find you easily!
  • Stand-up & Retractable Banners
    Need to direct people where to go or identify yourself at an event? A stand-up or retractable banner may be the solution for you. Dale Sign makes a number of different stand-up banner types – banners that stand on their own, feather banshee banners that blow in the wind, even retractable banners that make it easy to protect, transport and store your banner for multiple uses and durability.
  • Dale Sign also offers sign stands so you can stand your banner up in the middle of the floor or wherever you would like, so you don’t have to find something solid and potentially out of the way to attach your banner to. Dale Sign has everything you need to make your message clear right where you want it to appear.
  • Pole Banners
    You’ve seen plenty of cities and businesses put banners on light poles, announcing the city name, season, or business name. This is an example of a durable exterior banner Dale Sign can make and install. These are meant to be left up year-round or on special occasions, such as a significant town event.
  • Large Wall and Overlay Banners
    Dale Sign can make banners meant for large surface areas such as you would expect in a billboard type of setting. These types of banners typically are reinforced by being installed on a wood or other solid surface to make them more durable and longer-lasting. Put these up on the side of your building or as a sign in front of your building to announce a special event or deal you have.
  • Custom Banners
    If you have a special need for a banner, such as a banner in a shape like a trapezoid instead of a square or rectangle, Dale Sign can make the banner you need. Just call us at (314) 966-2620 to discuss your banner needs.

Installation Services and Hardware
Dale Sign offers professional St. Louis installation services for your banners, including the hardware necessary for installing your banner.

Banner Design Services
Call or stop by Dale Sign Service for help in designing your banner. We can help you decide what text, logos, images or other types of items would work best on your banner to promote your business, announce your event or welcome your customers. Click through any of the images below to see examples of banners Dale Sign has printed in the past to get inspiration for your next project or event, and to understand the versatility of how your banner can be used.

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